SFTL 2022

Student Focused Teacher Led Conference

September 28-30

Join us in Little Rock, Arkansas for two days of learning from some of the nation’s leading educators, researchers and practitioners. You will walk away empowered with research-based practices and resources that you can take back and implement in the classroom instantly.

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Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ruby Payne

Emotional Poverty in All Demographics

Ruby K. Payne has been a high school teacher, a central office administrator, a consultant for two different regional service centers, and an elementary principal. She has given more than 4,000 speeches and presentations around the world. She has a doctorate in educational leadership and policy studies and is the author of “Emotional Poverty” and “A Framework for Understanding Poverty,” which has sold more than 1.8 million copies.

Keynote Speaker: Tammy Pawloski

Evidence Based Strategies: Why Poverty Matters and What Schools and Teachers Must Do

Dr. Tammy Pawloski understands the challenges and opportunities of teaching and has devoted more than fifteen years to the study of children of poverty—why they struggle and which strategies have the greatest impact. Pawloski is a noted expert because of her breadth of knowledge. However, what resonates most with teachers and school leaders is her ability to deliver an uncommon combination of research, practice, and compelling stories from the field that both empower and challenge.

Keynote Speaker: Sidney Moncrief

Building the Best Me

Coach Sidney Moncrief is an acclaimed Hall of Fame standout, author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. Five-time NBA All Star and two-time Defensive Player of the Year, Sidney quickly learned how following one’s passion is key to finding success. With a focus on G.R.I.T., he uses his platform to positively impact others in an engaging and relatable way.

Keynote Speaker: Molly Hudgens

Saving Sycamore: The School Shooting that Never Happened

Molly Bradley Hudgens is currently a school counselor at Sycamore Middle School in Pleasant View, Tennessee. Mrs. Hudgens put her training to use on September 28, 2016, when she talked a student with a loaded handgun out of committing a mass shooting at Sycamore Middle School. Hudgens is a Congressional Medal of Honor Citizens Honor recipient. She recently released a book entitled Saving Sycamore: The School Shooting That Never Happened.

Keynote Speaker: Kevin L. Hunt

My Story: From Despair to Hope

Kevin L. Hunt Sr. fell victim to the stereotypical life of a young black, fatherless male in an urban environment. He dropped out of school in junior high, and was incarcerated as a teen. After his release, he continued to indulge in a life of gang crimes. Unmentored and with no clear path in front of him, he faced many challenges similar to today’s troubled youth. It wasn’t until the death of his grandmother, did he realize he was on a path to nowhere. Kevin finally understood that education would be his ticket out of a life of crime into one that was productive and meaningful. In his keynote, Kevin will share how he turned his life around to keep a promise to his grandmother and the lessons he learned along the way that gave him the opportunity to rewrite his story.

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