Session 2

Student Focused Teacher Led Virtual Series

Time Management & Self-Care for Teachers in the World of COVID

Join us for a presentation by Dr. Stephen Brock and Dr. Melissa Holland, and a panel featuring Dr. Gina Schultz and Ilea Faircloth. Scroll down to learn more.

About This Session

It is in the DNA of teachers to pour their heart and soul into the academic and social/emotional development of our children and youth. However, these heroic efforts of educators across the country during the COVID pandemic have not come without personal sacrifice. In this session, Dr. Steven Brock and Dr. Melissa Holland will share their insights and experience to equip educators with self-care and time management strategies to ensure they can continue these heroic efforts to support the children and youth they serve. At the conclusion of this session educators will:

  • Understand the personal social, emotional and physical toll the COVID pandemic has had on caregivers.
  • Learn specific strategies for self-care and how to manage personal time to implement these strategies.
  • Know how to identify peers that may be struggling and how to best support them.

Presenters & Panelists

  • PRESENTER: Stephen E. Brock, PhD, NCSP, Professor and the School Psychology Program Coordinator in the College of Education, California State University, Sacramento (CSUS)
  • PRESENTER: Melissa Holland, PhD, Associate Professor of School Psychology at California State University, Sacramento (CSUS)
  • PANELIST: Dr. Gina Schultz, EdD, Elementary Teacher, Madge T. James Elementary School, Webb City, MO
  • PANELIST: Ilea Faircloth, Principal, Hiland Park Elementary School, Panama City, FL
  • PANELIST: Nicole Lamoureaux, Elementary Educator, Sudbury, MA
  • MODERATOR: Michele Gay, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Safe and Sound Schools

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